by Sentience

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released March 15, 2017

Mixed and Mastered at Dead Surface Studios by Adam Skantze
Artwork by Dixon Jong



all rights reserved


Sentience London, UK

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Track Name: Oleka
Wake up the same way to the sound of the clock counting down
Time is just slipping away, can you feel your life take hold of anything to let go of resentment confining our existence.
I want to get a clearer meaning ‘cause the void is all I can see, endlessly.
beyond logic and thought constrained by the language of our voice.
Rupturing our bodies, severing the strings that play out the darkest symphonies of the human race. Crushing our perceptions smothering remains under an avalanche of past memories

Disappear and leave everything behind, my senses are fleeting afraid of what I might find to be true and yet can I unravel the strings of time
to see through this world and then to behold the road before me.
Will I ever begin life that’s so alien, discontent with being.
Forlorn for tomorrows dawn. Return for all who won’t last forever. Make it ours to remember. Don’t weep at the sight of the end of days. We return to sleep, make the most of this dream

So I walk the path depicting the role of a man in the image of a master plan so revered and sublime. We define ourselves with a reason to be more than another number struck from record. Life inherently flawed for us and on this mysterious road into the realm of all with a purpose that we make our own, let no one else. Can we shape your future free from adversity and save me from the norm?
I will strive beyond
Track Name: An Ecstasy Of Light
The ineffable beasts nefarious will evolve
Profound immoral evil creatures relentless they cull

We fervently believe the hand that feeds
It breaks into me consuming everything
Set me free

Fail us all
Afraid that I won’t heed this soon
An animal chained will never seize the day
We must free those enslaved they
Fail us all
Afraid that I won’t heed this soon
Humanity feigned
How can we be saved

Fight for your freedom
Rebel and lead us
Seek truth in reason
Conquer our demons

Get a hold of yourself
Make a change to help the weak
Find a hope in this hell
Care for those we fail
Track Name: Aspirate
Swelling clouds of poison smoke so vile will choke all around clotting our lungs so foul asphyxiation has begun to take hold of our senses beginning to slow and still the winds of time thrash through and blow humanity to the unknown

Overlord of all tearing through our abodes in a swirling vortex of perpetual cascading storms swept up aero plumes unfold and pour acid rain on billions below

Seeping into burning flesh blistering our melting skin

Will we find release

Future floats on the flight of a zephyr
Dreams in the sky for all mankind
Inhaling this pure air from new horizons
Bear witness to the dawn of the generation

As the darkest shadows above obscure and blanket our souls paint our blood the colour of oil thickening and clogging our veins like streams of sick blackened seas the anthropocene begins

Engulfed in thunderous shroud above eclipsing the sun saving no one life is lost but we’ll never turn away and never run
Track Name: The Pineal Gland
Where we languish in the depths of existence in a futile life in resemblance
Extend progress the sequence of ends
Our rational dependence on what we believe is relevant so desolate
Here in anguish we except the fate of it like a realisation so wretched
Further than we could ever just be
From dimensional extinction suffering with the state of the human condition

Enter domain I will create

Free our senses, breathe in a new world perspicacity aesthetic, endure the visions, wretched semblance, cerebral clarity we seek.
Woke to see this place in a perfect synchronicity for me to fathom the meaning, balance my dreams with this reality so bleak.

We are the hopeful dependants on worldly means we’re coveting
To find our call to break the mould and leave
Now I can see fuller shades transversing the ordinary realm in perpetuity

Transcend through the void infinite
Falling from dimensions into Elysium
Empower remorse with resolve
The future for all of us in our control

Soon I’ll rip the fabric of this reality constricting psychogenic disease
Introspective and reflective capacity of our mentality
Disaffected with being so naive and credulously deceived
To perceive farthest reaches surpassing everything
That you could ever conceive

As mist clears a figure appears from the abyss
I am the one who’s creeping through the distant haze
Searching in shadows with eyes wide with intrigue
Lost in eternity
Track Name: Dissipate
This is the eternal regress, how have we forsaken the Earth since birth.
We’ve known the consequence for so long, ignorance.
Your thoughts will shatter without a trace, lay them to waste
No one can be heard, buried and condemned to the dirt.
Murder of the innocent. Fanatical leaders deceive us intent on eradication.
A dictator of the weakened masses imprisoned in dystopia.

Yeah, the global contaminate
All that you stand for today
Yeah, there’s too much at stake
All that you stand for I hate
Cast you out with ferocity

Bleakest sorrow in global unison we march along to our implosion

The despotic urge for suicide
Weapon I feel the kill
Sacrificial unrelenting bringer of torment
The forever bleeding animal
Lesion I taste the spill
Sanguinary crimson catharsis never to disregard this fear

I can’t escape, this is my fate.

Take me away from floating on the deepest sea of red fluid
Grow to revolt and rebel to dispel this rule of old
See it unfold the endless divisions that break resolve

When can we just depend on the end without the suffering inflicted upon us by the ethical nihilist to the future or the past will we sleep at last until the dawn of human inception

Cast out with ferocity
Track Name: Enigma
Free myself from these solaces deeper I feel
Crevasse beckoning as the skies open wide refine
Swept away to the distant ravine alluring calling me
to my feet to fall

Limbs are bent back and cracked contorted in remorseless severance to breach the surface of skin fresh bones that pierce through the flesh beating blue into a cold cyanosis of wounds

Writhe here alone vultures
Circle above they’re yearning for my blood
Congeal in pools of revolting lust
Waiting for my consciousness to fade away

Lament the light adorned for you
Reveal majestic colours of the enigma
Pouring across the world and into our minds
Hallucinations captivating our inner being

Trapped inside
Cryptic light
Untold truth
Within my sight

Free yourself from these mortal shells
All that we kept within ourselves forever becoming one